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Seller:: Chris Armstrong

Type: Solo Ads Clicks/M

Clicks Ordered:300

Clicks Received:345

Optin Rate: 37%

Tier 1 %: 90%

Comments: Chris has helped walk me through the whole process, really helpful and knowledgeable. Will be using again!





Seller: Chris Armstrong

Type: Solo Ads Clicks:

Clicks: Ordered 100 Clicks

Received: 128 Opt-ins:

48 Opt-in

Conversion Rate: 37.50%

T1: 89%

Comments: Working with Chris was a pleasure, very fast on delivery and very helpful with great communication, i am definitely looking forward to working with him in the future!

Rob Link





Purchased 100 clicks

received 115 clicks

tier 1 90 % 

2nd solo ad purchased 300 clicks received 439 clicks 399 clicks tier 1 90% conversion pros. 

3rd solo ad clickfunnels 225 clicks purchased received 257 clicks / 235 clicks 90% tier 1

Meredith Broussard
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